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Asiamoney Offshore RMB Poll 2017: Press release

By on Jun 19, 2017 in Press Release |

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Full resultsMethodology

Other findings:

  • HSBC overall winner for sixth year in a row
  • No change in top 5 ranking
  • Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ reduces gap with Standard Chartered
  • China Construction Bank re-enters top 10
  • Offshore renminbi market going through a new phase
  • Renminbi depreciation leads to new challenges, but also opportunities

Detailed analysis of the results: “Can Anyone catch HSBC in RMB?”

Full results are available here

About the Offshore RMB Survey

Asiamoney’s sixth Offshore RMB Survey assessed the best offshore RMB services providers across the Asia-Pacific region, as voted by clients from around the world. Existing users of offshore RMB services, such as corporates, financial institutions and investors, were invited to participate in this survey.

Participants could vote in 11 categories. A total of 2,379 valid responses from 2,035 different companies were received across various industries, up 370 responses from last year’s results.

This survey will also appear in Asiamoney’s June print edition.

For more information regarding this and other Asiamoney surveys, please contact Harris Fan, head of Asiamoney surveys,